The Business Of WordPress Conference is for non-technical business people who need a marketing roadmap for improving their organization’s web presence and who have chosen or are evaluating WordPress for their web platform.

WordPress: The Defacto-Standard for Business

Over the past few decades the web has become an essential tool for business yet until recently it’s been very costly to continuously embrace the benefits the web has to offer business. Most small-to-medium sized businesses, departments in larger companies, non-profits and local and regional government agencies have just “made do” and not gained most of the benefits the web has to offer. Fortunately, WordPress changes all that. WordPress has emerged as the defacto-web presence platform for business and not learning what WordPress has to offer presents a huge opportunity lost cost.

Come Learn “What’s Possible” on the Web

This conference aims to explore What’s Possible on the web using WordPress and to give you the tools you need to take the next step be it to

  1. Meet qualified consultants and their agencies who can do the work for you,
  2. Identify and select about 3rd party solutions that help you achieve your business goals, or
  3. Simply forgo the expense and learn to do it all yourself as it’s no longer beyond your reach.

Specific Possibilities You’ll Learn

So just what can you do with WordPress on the web?

  • Static “Brochure” Sites
  • Online stores/eCommerce websites with shopping carts
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • Available high-quality “off-the-shelf“site designs
  • Using for online newspapers and web magazines
  • Photo gallery sites and video-focused websites
  • Promotion of local businesses
  • Integration with social media, especially Twitter
  • Webforms for data collection
  • Membership websites with member lists and protected content
  • Real estate focused websites, including property specific
  • Non-profit websites designed to drive donations
  • High-traffic websites
  • And a whole-lot more.

No “Rock Stars,” just Presenters with Real World Expertise

All too often conferences showcase “rock-star” presenters that travel the globe speaking but rarely ever do the work themselves. In contrast The Business Of WordPress Conference selected presenters from down in the trenches that have been developing real world solutions using WordPress for clients, for their employers and/or for their own companies. Their real world experience has allowed them to become experts in the subject matter, and given them the ability to engage with business professionals on a level that really matters for driving the goals of their businesses.

A Curated Conference Experience

Further, many conferences are simply a collection of topics as proposed by their presenters. The Business Of WordPress Conference is different; we have a curated conference experience explicitly designed to provide you with comprehensive coverage in a condensed one-day format and an optional Pre-Conference Workshop Day. Put simply we first designed the agenda and then we picked the presenters and not the other way around.

We designed our agenda to progress from fundamental to more involved, and we’re arranging sessions so everyone attending can find something of value to attend during each session with none of the “down time” sessions with topics you’ll care nothing about found at so many other conferences.

Targeted One-On-One “Ask the Experts” Sessions

The Business Of WordPress Conference wants our event to be as valuable as possible for you so we’ve designed our agenda in a unique way to provide you with targeted “Ask the Expert” sessions running concurrently with our presentations. Here you can bring your specific questions one-on-one to our presenters and others WordPress experts brought in specifically to answer your question and provide you with a plan for success.

Network with your Peers

The Business Of WordPress Conference will have hundreds of business people there to learn how to use WordPress to move their businesses forward. As an attendee you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know them in sessions, during lunch and casually during our Ask-the-Expert sessions.

Get “The Roadmap” with your conference attendance

In addition to the learning experience all attendees will get a printed copy of the The Business Of WordPress Conference Roadmap; a list of topics and materials that includes a directory of service providers. This Roadmap is made available exclusively to conference attendees and won’t be made available to the general public.

Even More Value for “Boardroom Pass” Attendees

If you are one of the 25 attendees who selects to purchase a Boardroom Pass you’ll gain a whole host of additional benefits that include:

  • Targeted roundtable sessions with presenters and other Boardroom Pass attendees
  • A 30-minute pre-conference phone consultation from our conference director
  • Direct input into the conference agenda, especially for the Boardroom sessions
  • Breakfast in the boardroom with selected presenters
  • Invitation to the presenter dinner the night before
  • Access to a private Google Group for networking
  • Selected commercial offerings from sponsors and more, TBA
  • A one-hour free consultation at your site with one of our service providers.

This Conference’s hCalendar

June 22th 8:30am to June 23rd 6pm : The Business Of WordPress Conference at Atlanta, Georgia USA – GTRI Conference Center

The Business Of WordPress Conference is for non-technical business people to learn how leverage WordPress to establish or advance their business’ presence on the web.

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