A Site For The Times

As small and medium sized business owners struggle to contain costs, website design and development becomes a major issue.  Like a telephone book ad of the past, without a website they are unable to be found by potential customers.  And like many other decisions, they reach out to other business owners for help in making these decisions.  Many are looking for well designed, easy to navigate, informative websites, that can be online quickly.

Sounds like a tall order?  Not if they consider WordPress!  An easy to use platform with robust CMS capabilities, WordPress offers business owners a quick, cost effective way to get online.  And with the pending release of WordPress 3.0, they will have expanded functionality with custom post types, taxonomies and more new features.

Unlike other platforms that offer similar options, much time is spent in development. And if your business is anything like mine, once your site is up and running, you realize all the things you would have done differently, if you had known how the site would look and operate.  But with WordPress, changes and updates are also quick and easy.  For example, if you are a restaurant that wants to offer a daily specials feature on your landing page, you just have to go into the page and add the feature.  Then every day, just go in and update!  Could it be any easier?

If you decide to offer products on your website and make it an ecommerce site, you can use custom post types to create an inventory “database” and update it as often as you like.  Real estate sites can add MLS listings, feature properties and add as many photos to each property as they like.  Even adding video to a property listing is as easy as cut and paste!  No coding needed!

So my question would be, why would you not check WordPress out?  WordPress offers you a site for the times, any time!  And on June 22-23, you can learn how to use WordPress and what’s possible at The Business Of WordPress Conference in Atlanta, GA.

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