Helping Non-Profits get Better Websites (CONTEST)

Non-Profits Offer the Word a Helping Hand

Non-Profits Offer the Word a Helping Hand

We here at The Business Of WordPress Conference really appreciate the efforts that non-profits to make our world a better place. We also know that they are often underfunded and understaffed yet have to “compete” for people’s attention on the web among all for-profit companies.

Knowing that WordPress is a perfect platform for non-profits but also knowing most non-profits can’t afford what for-profit companies pay for products, services and conferences we’ve decided to make it possible for up to ten (10) people representing legitimate non-profits who have at least three (3) people who believe in their mission to attend on a “scholarship” of only $49. Even better, the three (3) people representing a non-profit that gets the most support will get to attend the conference for free!

So how does this work?  Simple, just go to Twitter and tweet the following:

Our non-profit <insert non-profit name/twitter name here> really needs a better website. RT so I can attend @thebizofwp June 23rd in Atlanta.

(Also be sure to follow @thebizofwp so we can DM you the discount code if you win.)

The three (3) tweets retweeted the most by Sunday evening will get a discount code by Monday morning for 100% off the conference price for one (1) registration, and the first ten (10) tweets retweeted three (3) times or more will win a discount code making the conference cost only $49 for one person (that’s 83% off the full conference price.)

This contest is only good applicable to non-profits; if we can’t verify your organization is a non-profit we can’t offer the discount.

Looking forward to seeing lots of non-profits on Wednesday June 23rd in Atlanta to learn lots about using WordPress to drive donations for their non-profit!

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