Interacting with your Audience via Email and Advanced Contact Forms

Websites, email marketing and contact forms go hand-in-hand, and nowhere is that more true than with WordPress.

This panel session will introduce you to the options available and the discussion will help you select the best solution for you, including how to capture subscribers on your site and maintain communication with them through e-mail newsletters and updates, and how to capture information via contact and other types of forms.

The panelists will discuss how to create an e-mail campaign, report generators to review your e-mail campaigns, dealing with SPAM, creating contact forms and more.

Who is this session intended for?

This session is for the non-technical business people who want to learn about the options available for both Email marketing services and Contact Forms. Discussion will cover the 3rd party solutions available and some considerations regarding their selection. This is not a technical session but it could appeal to Do-it-Yourselfers.