Navigating your Choices for Hosting

“Is shared hosting good enough to begin with? How hard is it to run my own server? What are the SEO implications of having a slow website? Should I invest in cloud hosting?”

These are just a few of the questions that every website owner must address. From exciting offerings at well-known companies like Rackspace to pay as you go offerings from lesser-known companies like, a savvy website owner must know what’s available and how best to serve the needs of the visitors with the hosting decisions being made. In this session, we will walk through hosting fundamentals and also tackle the tougher questions about more elaborate hosting options, integrating Content Delivery Networks, and how to run and manage a server. You won’t want to miss this one.

Who is this session intended for?

This session is for the business person with ultimate business responsibility for their organization’s website, especially if they plan to delegate the decision of where to host to a consultant or agency. This is not a technical session although by it’s nature some technical terms will be described.