Keynote: The Defacto-Standard Web Platform for Business

Over the past 5 years WordPress has become the leading blogging software worldwide, and to many, that’s what it is.  But its developers have been busy, and over the years they’ve been building a powerhouse.

With the release of v3.0 WordPress has now become the defacto-standard platform for business, government, education and non-profit websites the world over. No other platform besides WordPress combines the ease-of-use for end-users, the ease-of-styling for designers and ease-of-extension for developers. No other platform has as vibrant and robust a 3rd party market of cost-effective, off-the-shelf components and solutions as WordPress.

Given the state of WordPress today, WordPress can meet practically every business’s needs for their web presence. This keynote session will make it clear to attendees exactly why WordPress has become the defacto-standard and more importantly why WordPress matters to them.