Operations: Support, Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, and Scaling

Things do sometimes go wrong, but you can prepare by having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.  Regular backups, support and maintenance of your site is mandatory to protect your business.  Security has always been a major issue for internet sites. Hackers look for vulnerable web sites whose security can easily be breached. And while there is no silver bullet that can guarantee complete protection from hackers, we can make sure to make it difficult for any intrusion attempts.

This session will help you understand the the operational support of your site including:

  • Assigning directory permissions
  • Securing your WordPress files
  • Securing your Database
  • Securing User ID’s and Login passwords
  • Keeping your site and plugins updated
  • Regular backups of files and database
  • Development of a disaster recovery plan and simulation of it on a test site
  • Using a WP Security Scan plugin to help find any vulnerabilities in your installation

Who is this session intended for?

Of all the sessions at The Business Of WordPress conference, this is the most technical session we’ll have. If you are an IT professional, a web designer/developer, a consultant or a hard-core Do-it-Yourselfer, this sessions is for you.