Drawing Traffic: Search Engine and Social Media Optimization

This session will help you understand how to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your WordPress website. Panelists will discuss what SEO is and some of the ways you can help drive traffic to your site including:

  • Online tools
  • Plugins
  • Graphic & Web Design

The panelists will talk about Analytics, Keywords and A/B Testing and how they impact your site’s rankings.  Additionally, the panel will discuss how Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter can drive traffic to your site.

Who is this session intended for?

This session is for the business people who are responsible for drawing traffic to their website and/or will be hand’s on on a day-to-day basis with ongoing creation of content for their organization’s website. There will also be value to the Do-it-Yourselfers who actually select plugins and themes for their website. This is not really a technical session although by it’s nature many technical terms will be described.