Setting up a Membership Site

Using WordPress as a membership site is efficient and cost effective for many associations and businesses.  You can easily manage your membership, control access to areas of your site and content, accept payments and more.

There are many options for creating a membership site using WordPress and several include the use of premium plugins that are available for a minimal investment.  Navigating your way through the options of each of these plugins will help determine what your best options are.

This workshop will be all about membership sites using the MemberWing plugin*.  Gleb Esman, the developer of MemberWing will teach you how to integrate this plugin into your website.  With several years experience in SEO, Gleb developed his plugin in to work along with the search engines to help you achieve high rankings as you increase traffic to your membership site.  He has helped other businesses develop websites using these options and can help offer a better understanding of what is involved in setting up a membership site,

Tuesday, June 22   8a-12p

Workshop Fee:       $99, ($59 with Conference registration/$29 with Boardroom Pass registration)

Limited to 15 registrants

Prerequisites:  You must have a self-hosted WordPress.
* Training will be done using the Free Download of MemberWing. An upgraded version is available at .