The ABCs of WordPress: Themes, Plugins and More.

WordPress has always focused on ease-of-use and the current version 3.0 is no exception. It’s probably not a coincidence that the world’s most widely used website content management system is also the most user friendly! Still practically every technical solution first appears overwhelming to those who are non-technical, WordPress included. Some of the terms used by seasoned WordPress users can still seem like Greek and just be overwhelming.

Never fear, however, this session aims to provide the new WordPress user with an understanding of all of its major parts so you can feel like an old pro from your first use!

This session will cover:

  • Posts, Pages and Comments
  • Categories & Tags
  • Photos, Video and More: The Media Library
  • Themes, Templates and Widgets
  • Menus, Headers and Background
  • Custom: Post Types, Taxonomies and Fields
  • Authors, Users and User Roles
  • Import, Export and Other Tools
  • And last but not at all least, Plugins