So what is YOUR “WordPress Strategy?”

There are more ways to leverage WordPress than just launching a website hosted on WordPress software. This session discusses the concept of developing a WordPress Strategy” which can include leveraging the over 13 million self-hosted WordPress websites by offering a plugin, and leveraging the new multisite capability of WordPress to host websites for a businesses’ constituents.

This session will start with an overview of the concept for WordPress Strategies and then explore how audience members can craft their own compelling WordPress strategy.

Who is this session intended for?

This session is for both non-technical and technical business/marketing strategists who wants to explore how their organization can strategically leverage WordPress. What kind of companies can most likely benefit? Software-as-a-Service companies, online media companies, real estate companies, and any company whose strategy is to position themselves at the center of a vibrant marketplace i.e. distributors, information providers, and more.